Francis George party named Kerala Congress Democratic

Posted on March 9, 2016

Francis George on Wednesday announced formation of a new party ‘Janadhipathya Kerala Congress’ (Kerala Congress Democratic), after he and couple of other leaders walked out of the Kerala Congress Mani group last week.

He announced the formation of the party at a convention, which was attended by former legislators Antony Raju and K C Joseph, among others.

Francis George is the son of K M George who founded Kerala Congress in 1964. Mr. George will be the chairman of the new party.

The party is still discussing about party symbol, youth and women wings.

A state convention of the party will be held at Kottayam on March 16 in which the structure of the party is expected to be evolved.

Francis George said in a press conference “We cannot agree with KM Manis policies like holding secret meetings with the BJP central leaders by violating all declared democratic principles of the Kerala Congress. No true Kerala Congress worker can agree with such move”.