Thomas Chandy – Richest Candidate in 2016 Assembly Elections

Posted on April 30, 2016

thomas chandy

Kuttanad LDF candidate Thomas Chandy has emerged as the wealthiest candidate in 2016 Niayasabha elections.

With assets worth Rs. 92.37 crore, Thomas Chandy, has secured first position. Excluding the value of his movable assets, his net worth was declared to be Rs. 39.71 crores in the last elections.

Chandy has Rs. 11,08,932 as investment in various banks in his name while his wife has Rs. 16,24,50,551 in her name. Apart from this, he has Rs. 4,53,30,000 as mutual funds and stock market investment. Chandy and his wife have insurance policies worth Rs. 38,45,000 and Rs. 22,25,011 respectively while his dependents have an insurance coverage of Rs. 14,92,044.

He also owns two luxury cars, two houseboats and three motor boats worth Rs. 1,45,20,000, all registered in his name, and his wife owns a motor boat worth Rs. 5,60, 000. He has Rs. 2,20,000 worth of 100 gram gold jewellery and his wife owns 1 kilogram gold worth Rs. 11,00,000.

He also has movable assets worth a total of Rs. 65,80,65,427, with his wife and dependents owning movable assets worth Rs. 17,85,00,562 and Rs. 15,02,044 respectively. His immovable assets value up to a total of Rs. 8,56,92,000.

It is notable that he does not have any bank loans or any other liabilities. Thomas Chandy had submitted his affidavit to the Principal Agricultural Officer S Puspakumari on Wednesday.